Manufacturing as a highlight

We make ideas into machines: Innovative. Top quality. On schedule.

You need a machine that works precisely and reliably. To be able to guarantee this, we do not leave anything related to the manufacturing of your machine to chance. With the aid of state-of-the-art production methods and high-precision CNC machines we manufacture high-quality parts for your newly developed industrial machine and then assemble these into a perfectly fitting whole. It goes without saying that the erection, equipping and wiring of control cabinets are just as much part of our inclusive service as the individual setting of the programmable logic controller. If required, we can prepare a true-to-detail prototype for you in advance, at the same time making sure of optimum manufacturability for future series production. For this purpose, we make use of the whole spectrum of prototyping – from 3D printing through to physical implementation.


By the way: You decide for yourself to what extent we should provide our expert support. Thanks to our long years of experience and expertise we are happy to take over the whole process for you or provide support in individual project phases.

  • Zentrifuge
  • Automat für radiale Bauelemte
  • Transitorbiege- und Schneidemaschine
  • Excenterpresse
  • Biege- und Schneidevorrichtung
  • Vakuumkammer für Vergußteile
  • Nutzentrenner
  • Montageautomat für Hybride
  • Montageautomat für Hybride
  • Reparatur-Lötsystem
  • Montagevorrichtung
  • Schneidevorrichtung
  • Schaltzyklustester
  • Fügevorrichtung
  • Sortieranlage
  • Fügewerkzeug mit Presse
  • Tauchlackieranlage
  • Glasverwiegung
  • Beschriftungsanlage LAVAZZA
  • Schweißvorrichtung
  • Servicewagen
  • Rüstwagen LP-Unterstützung
  • Montageplatz
  • Gewindeschneideanlage Türbolzen
  • Säge-Stanzeinheit für Al Leisten
  • Wellenprüfstand bis 15.000 U/min
  • Montagelinie mit Kameraüberwachung
  • Servo-Bohranlage für Langprofile

Our motto

“We leave nothing to chance!”

Tailor-made machine construction. Precise. Individual. Top quality.